The Law School was established in 1991 in order to train valuable specialists who can meet the exigencies imposed by the socio-economic and legal changes by the new institutional frame which developed in our country after 1990. The structure, functioning and organization of the Law School appear like a unitary entity and the activity is carried out according to curricula including fundamental, optional, elective subjects and courses. The students here are studying to become specialists in the legal, political, educational fields or liberal professions which are involved in the act of justice. The teaching staff's research work, together with the students' activity show its results in their participation at national and international scientific symposiums and the studies they published in magazines or scientific clubs.

All these written materials enrich the fund of the institution (books manuals, treaties articles) which is constantly renewed. Our master courses in the field of Law ensure a high standard training for the graduates who choose to become specialists in the field of legal sciences.

The Curriculum

General Law Theory, Civil Law, General Theory of Political Institutions, Roman Law, The History of Romanian Law, English language, The Romanian Constitutional System, Philosophy, Sociology, Criminal Law, Environment Law, Administration Law, Public International Law, Financial Law, Special Criminal Law, Process Law, Family Rights, Roman Commercial Law, European Communitary Law, The Rights of Work and Social Security, International Trade Law, Private International Law, European Law of Competition, Private International Law, Juridics, Logics, Informatics, Intellectual Property, Rhetoric, Land and Cadastral Roman Low, Politology, Insurance.

Scientific Research Programs
- Globalization and the principles of democracy;

- Objective and subjective in private law;

- The right for compensation in case of illegal or limited liberty depriving;

- Ethic and legal implications of the biotechnological revolution on the Romanian law;

- A study upon administration and public services versus the community' expectations